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Dot Hacker - Neon Arrow - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dot Hacker - Neon Arrow - аккорды и текст, видео

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Neon Arrow
Dot Hacker
Dot Hacker - Neon Arrow

The lyrics are wrong in some parts, but I couldn't find the correct ones.
I've also done this tab a while ago but I never finished it so I might
as well do it and put it here on UG.


Bm  F#  G x4


Bm              F#            G    
   Looking for a one to add to zero
Bm         F#         G
   Am i a leader or a hero?
Bm                F#          G   
   What i need's a giant neon arrow.
Bm            F#           G
Bm                  F#             G
   Gotta buy you another lie to swallow
Bm           F#                  G
   I say it again and again to follow
Bm               F#               G
   And you follow me down to the hollow...
Bm            F#           G

Bm F# G x4

Verse again:

Bm               F#                        G
   Planting the seeds without reaching the top
Bm          F#                         G
   Of this tree that only wants to be chopped
Bm            F#                    G
   Im standing right where its gonna drop.


Bm        F#
G        Abm        A                 D
                      I wanted you to know
G                           Abm
   When in love when are we ever done?
A                 D
   Its my time to go (am i tied to you?)
G                                       Abm
   Are all the complaints derived in words i have made?
A           D
   I read you

Bm                     F#                  G
   Its a shame you've only seen that side of it
Bm           F#               G   
   The others were vastly different.
Bm                  F#           G
   Thanking you for every waking moment.

Bridge thingy:

Bm                 F#             G
   Try having a conversation these days,
Bm                       F#                    G            B
   Can you believe some of the shit people believe these days?
       F#  A      G
   Of angels and aliens...
B           F#  A       G
   I am an angel and an alien
B                F#         G
   I dare you to show me a difference.


Bm      F#

G        Abm        A                         D 
                      I don't know where you go.
G                            Abm
    I know we're lost i don't belong here
A                          D    
    I don't know where you go
G                            Abm
    I know i'm lost i don't belong here
A                  D
    Another way i roam
Bm        F#          G
   Scream one any old ....
Bm        F#                G   
   everyone sees that you've got
Bm                    F#       G
   All i know is we've only got one shot.

Bm        F#        G

Bm        F#        G

Bm        F#        G                Abm

X?  repeat it until Josh starts singing again


Don't know the lyrics but here are the chords.

Bm        C        X   x4

X chord-I don't know what's this chord called so I put an X

  Version 1         Version 2
|-----------|     |-----------|
|-----4-----|     |-----4-----|
|-----5-----|     |-----5-----|
|-----7-----|     |-----7-----|
|-----------|     |-----7-----|
|-----------|     |-----5-----|

Play it either way, it sounds good.

So that's it hope it helps.
Добавлено: 17.06.2016
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