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Doobie Bros - Listen To The Music V2 - аккорды и текст, видео

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Doobie Bros - Listen To The Music V2 - аккорды и текст, видео

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Listen To The Music V2
Doobie Bros
I play listen to the music with what I call the Tom Johnston shuffle:



This can be played while barring the 9th fret and doing the hammer-ons and
pull-offs (_) with the 2nd and 3rd fingers.

Don't you feel it growing, day by day

Half the shuffle going to:    C#m7
People gettin' ready for the news

           B              A     Asus4     A     Asus4  A
         (at 7th fret)    (At 5th fret)
Some are happy, some are sad                   Gonna let the music

(Return to shuffle)

What the ..
It ain't ..
Gotta get ...
Lordy mama, ...

         C#m             A
Whoa-oo-whoa  Listen to the music

         C#m             A
Whoa-oo-whoa  Listen to the music

         C#m             A
Whoa-oo-whoa  Listen to the music

         F#              A  A  Asus4 A Asus4  A  A  Asus4 A Asus4  A
All the time

Bridge (with flanger)

E                              D
   Like ...

   Surroundin' cas...

E                                  D
   And the ...

Listenin' ...

Return to verse (and shuffle) and end

(Apologies for any lyrical mistakes; this was from memory)

Date: Friday, March 2, 2001
From: Gig Schlich (
Subject: Another idea 

I play this song by sticking a capo on the 4th fret.  Since I have
no clue how to write tab, I'll just give it to you verbally.

1. The opening bars are basically just two chords, E and A  Since 
you're capoed up, you'll play these chords with the open C and F
chord shapes.

2. The "shuffle" rhythm will take a bit of practice.  In order to 
get a good approximation, I start off by strumming the open strings
and hammering-on the C chord shape.  Try it and you'll recognize 
the sound.

3. Helps to use right and/or left hand muting to get the rhythm feel.

4. When transitioning to the F shape from the C shape, just lay your
first finger over to bar the bottom two strings for the F, then do 
a hammer of the other two fingers in the same way as you did for 
the C shape.

5. You can play the rest of the chords for the verse as open shapes, 
too.  I'll write 'em out for the first verse, putting the chord shape
over the part you change.  Since you're capoed up, this won't be the 
correct chord name, but I'm trying to make it easy on ya!

C                                F
Don't ...

C                            Am
People gettin' ...

         G                  F--Fsus4-F
Some are happy, ...

For the Fsus4 thingy, you just drop your pinky down on the 3rd string,
3rd fret for a few strums (it's actually an Asus4 in this postion).

6. You can play this with open chords (no capo), too.  If you can get 
a bud to play the open chords while you play the capo part, it sounds
pretty good.  Here's the real chord names in open position:

E                                A
Don't ya ...

E                            C#m
People gettin' ...

         B                  A--Asus4-A
Some are happy, ...

For the Asus4 thingy, this time drop your pinky on the 2nd string, 3rd
fret.  You can hammer on the E's and A's here, too, to get the rhythm

7. That's about all I have to offer.  I was only interested in figuring
out the first little rhythm piece when I first played this.  The rest I 
leave for you to agonize over!
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