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Donovan - The Voyage Of The Moon - текст песни, таба, видео

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Donovan - The Voyage Of The Moon - текст песни, таба, видео

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"The voyage of the Moon", by Donovan

Standard tuning, no capo is used for this beautiful song.
G quiet, so relaxing ... Plus, it's really easy to play ;) !

The same piece is repeated all through the song : play it once
entirely for the introduction, then sing with it. Pay attention
to the second part, as you'll have to sing one note differently.

To introduce, play it once, entirely. At the end of each verse, 
you'll have to play again too. Repeat first verse to finish.
As usual, listen to the record to get everything.

The (*) means you have             |-----0-----0-----0--------|
to add this measure :              |-----------------------0--|


     C           G/D            Em/G     Em
  1. The moon is like  a        boat,    my love,
  2.-I see her pearly decks,             my love,
  3. Of silk they have been spun,        my love,
  4.-All in ther Sea of Sky,             my love,
  5. And there will come a time,         my love,
  6.-The men be bathed in light,         my love,
  7. And on some distant sand,           my love,

    F           G     G/D      C           G/D
 Of le -  mon   peel  a  ---   float,   my love,
-Set in with twinkling specks,          my love,
 Her ropes that limply run,             my love
-The moonships sail and fly,            my love,
 O may it be in mine,                   my love,
-The women clothed in white,            my love,
 The ships will genlty land,            my love. (*)

    C           G/D            Em/G     Em
    And  with a sail  of      gauze,    my love,
   -I see her pearly mast,              my love
    Down to the carved prow,            my love,
   -Though many are their kind,         my love,
    When men will proudly rise,         my love,
   -All in that woundrous fleet,        my love,
    Fair folk will meet them there,     my love,

     F           G     G/D      C           G/D
 And seems to    slightly       pause    upon     her
-Far from her seashell past     and gently
 Down to her mermaid prow       and softly 
-Though all need but one wind   to make their 
 And board to sail the skies    moonships from
-As each the other meets        will smile and 
 With golden flowing hair       and great will

    Em/G  Em                   F           G/D
    si  - lent  way           all on her   si  - lent        
   -does she sway             all on her starry
    does she sway             all on her starry 
   -starry way,               to make their starry
    all the spheres           moonships from all the
   -softly sing,              will smile and softly
    be their joy,             and great will be 

  C           G/D
  their joy.

Tabbed by Pierre Quillery
08/06/2005, during the French "baccalaureat" ;)
Comments, correction : harrold.the.barrel[at]
Добавлено: 20.09.2013
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