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Don Williams - Cracker Jack Diamond - текст песни, видео

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Don Williams - Cracker Jack Diamond - текст песни, видео

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Well he spent that summer going door to door
With a can of gas and an old lawn mower
That's a sure fire way to make a buck when you're fourteen

Well he made a block with no luck at all
Then he spotted a place where the weeds were tall
With a young girl sitting on the porch eating' ice cream

Deep in the pocket of his grass stained jeans
Was some caramel corn and a plastic ring
Leftover from the week before
Momma didn't wash them thank the lord

Just like a Cracker Jack Diamond,
You never know when your gonna find one
They found love from that day on
The hand of fate put them together,
Their hearts will stay forever young
like a Cracker Jack Diamond

Well it's been five years since he gave her his prize
Now the sparkle's gone, but not in their eyes
And he's wanting to tell her what's been on his mind lately

He said, girl I ain't rich but I've been saving up
A little ever day ?til I had enough
Before he finished he said, you know I will baby

Deep in the pocket of his holy jeans
Was money for the preacher and a diamond ring
He took her back to that old front porch
Slipped it on her finger and he thanked the Lord

Now once a year she takes it out but it won't fit her hand
But she wears it in her heart because that's where it all began
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