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Don Henley - Forever Near - аккорды и текст, видео

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Don Henley - Forever Near - аккорды и текст, видео

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Forever Near
Don Henley
Forever Near
S. Ballou - B. Hope


Verse 1
C9     G           F           G  
He was smitten the day that he saw her
C9      G          F            G
Working behind the counter that day
C9        G       F              G
She liked him and soon they were lovers
C9     G          F              F - G
Hoping for a love that would stay.

Verse 2
C9          G    F                G
The path in life sometimes hits a crossroad
C9       G             F              G
He could see it here; they soon would part.
C9       G       F           G
Saddened by the love she had cherished 
C9       G                F
She said you'll always be in my heart

She sang,

C9          G
You came to me
    F               G
And taught me about caring,
C9             G
You've been to me 
     F             G
What no one's ever been.
F                   G                  C               F  
Like two ships that must sail on we'll go our separate ways,
      F                  G           C9
But in our hearts we'll be forever near

Verse 3
 C9      G         F          G
Years go by they meet at the crossroads
C9      G           F                 F-G 
Still connected and hearts intertwined
C9      G        F             G
Comfort by their long lasting friendship
C9     G               F
One last embrace they say good-bye

And she says

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