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Don Henley - Damn It Rose - аккорды и текст, видео

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Don Henley - Damn It Rose - аккорды и текст, видео

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Damn It Rose
Don Henley
Here's an underrated Don Henley song from "Inside Job". Like many of Don's
songs, this is open to various interpretations, but the most obvious is that 
it deals with grieving for a friend's suicide. Great lyrics, good song. The
chord progression is a lot like Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", but the
two songs are otherwise worlds apart.

I'm not 100% sure of the ending chord on the bridge, but I can vouch for the 
accuracy of the rest of the song.

Damn It, Rose

Written by Don Henley and Stan Lynch

Chords used: Em, G, Am7, C, D, Dsus2, Dm, Bb and Eb

The main verse riff is Em / G twice, then Em / Am7 / C / D 
(the D alternates with Dsus2). 

Listen to the record for the timing.

Em           G   
Maybe just a good night's sleep
Em                             G
Would've changed your troubled mind
Em                              Am7   
From that rather permanent decision
C                D / Dsus2 
So tragic - so unkind

Em                      G
Now pain is what you've given
Em                       G 
And sleep is what you'll get
Em                          Am7
So far away from that sweet baby child
C                         (don't play D here)
Who hardly knew you yet... 

Interlude: just strum the same pattern as for the verses
Em / G
Em / G

Em                        G
Now he'll grow up to be a fighter
Em                     G
Full of anger, full of shame
Em                              Am7
Just like all the other haunted children
C                     D / Dsus2 
Who wonder why they came -

Em                         G 
And he'll be in and out of trouble
Em                         G  
Until he stands or till he falls
Em                         Am7
But there will always be a shadow there
C                                  Em      G      Em     G 
No matter how it goes...Damn it, Rose.

Dm                      G 
Is this another cryptic message,
Dm                     G 
Or some kind of cosmic quiz?
Dm                        Bb  
If there's a lesson to be learnt from this,
Eb                 (Not sure, but I think it's directly back to Em)
I don't know what it is -

Interlude (same as the above)
Em / G
Em / G

Em                        G
You could've given us the finger
Em                            G
Much more constructively than that
Em                      Am7
Now I sit here with the MTV
C                        D / Dsus2
And your bloated Burmese cat

Em                         G
We're being treated to the wisdom
Em                       G 
Of some puffed-up little fart
Em                   Am7  
Doing exactly what I used to:
Pretensions to anarchy and art -

Em                          G 
He speaks the language of a warrior
Em                          G 
He mounts his misinformed attack
Em                           Am7 
He wears the clothes of a dissenter
But there's a logo on his back...

Em                  G
And it's a hollow rebellion,
Em                     G
Like rebellions mostly are
Em                       Am7   
It's just another raging tempest
In a jar...

Em                      G
And the seasons keep on changing,
Em                         G 
And the wind blows hot and cold -
Em                                 Am7
Wish that you were here with us to watch this tide
As it ebbs and flows....
C        Em        G       Em       G      
Damn it, Rose.

Coda: play Em / G repeatedly and fade out.

There you have it! If anyone can figure out the missing chord, please let me
Добавлено: 15.04.2012
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