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Don Francisco - Steeple Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Don Francisco - Steeple Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Steeple Song
Don Francisco
		   Steeple Song
Don Francisco
                                                        I don't
Db                                care how many buses you own,  or the
Db/Ab                          size of your sanctuary,  it doesn't
Ab                                matter how steep your steeple is,  if
Eb/Ab/Bb/C:  1/2         sittin' on a ceme-
Db                                tary                I don't
Db                                care if you pave your parking lot,  or
Db/Gb                           pads upon your pews,  What
Ab                                good is a picture perfect stage,  if
Ab   /Bb/C:  1/2        missin' all the
Db                                ques
Db                                I don't

Db                              care if your pastor's super powered,
and your
Db/Ab                        program's always new
Ab                             What you need is love and truth
Ab/Db                        Men are gonna come to you,  It doesn't
Db                             matter that you know the bible,  if it's
Db/Gb                        all just in your head,  the
Ab                            thing I need to ask you,  is that have you

Ab   /Bb/C:  1/2        done the things I've
Db                                    said

                                                        C you love your

Ab                            wifeFor
Gb/Ab                        her and for your children,  are you
Db:  1/2                    laying down your
Bbm                            lifeWhat about the
Ab                                othersAre you
Gb/Ab                            living as a servant to your
Bbm/Ab                        sisters and your brothers,  C you
Bbm/Gb                        make the poor man beg you for a
Ab                                bone                            C the

Gb/Ab/Eb/Db                widow and the orphan cry a-
Ab/Bbm/Ab/Bbm                lone------------

Eb/Ab/Bb/C:  1/2

I don't
Db                                care if you pray for miracles,  I
Db/Ab                           care if you speak with tongues,  I don't

Ab                                care that you said you love me,  in
Ab   /Bb/C:  1/2         every song you've sung,  It doesn't
Db                                 matter that your sacrifice of praise,
Db/Gb                            loud enough to raise the dead,  the
Ab                                thing I need to ask you,  is that have
Db                                    done the things I've said



                                                Lord,  when you were a
Db                                 prisoner that we did not come to
Ab                                you?

                                    When was it that we saw you
                                        sick that we did not follow
Db                                    through?

                                Everytime you turned your
                                head and pretended
Eb                            not
F                              to
Gb                            see
                                                When you
Ab                            did it not to the least of these,
                                you did it not to
Db                            me.

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