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Domine - The Freedom Flight - текст песни, видео

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Domine - The Freedom Flight - текст песни, видео

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Running thorugh and endless maze 
trapped in a barren land 
blind and doomed to disappear 
never to be seen again 
Nothing left as an epitaph 
silent our final scream 
too proud to beg,too strong to die 
oblivion is our destiny 

Of glorious dreams 
of great warriors 
just ruins remain 
we felt the pain 
we spilled our blood 
wounds that time can't heal 

We challenge fate 
we won't surrender 
against the circle of time 
like children stranded in a 
lonely place 
the seed of revenge are sown 

And though we know well 
never be free 
the season is here 
our time has come 
our wings of steel will rip the sky 
and time will stand still 
as we take 
the freedom flight 

He who shall not loose his faith 
he will pass through the 
wall of fire 
forever to be reborn 
too late to be stopped 

The rusty chains that kept 
us bound 
are now fallen to the ground 
free at last strong again 
free to spread our wings and fly 

Strong against the winds of hate 
in a blaze of glory we fly 
we'll succed where the mighty 
has fallen 
oh Gods guide our hands 

The tomb is empty 
triumph is calling 
destiny has failed 
we'll reach the sun in a rush 
of power 
we will never come back 

Добавлено: 16.03.2012
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