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Domine - Army Of The Dead - текст песни, видео

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Domine - Army Of The Dead - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
[I) The Vision And The Promise]

In the city of immortals 
a scream broke the silence 
it was a seer and he saw in 
his dreams 
his beloved city of eternal life 
collapsing around him 
and its people trodden by 
a mighty army 
The mad seer retold his vision 
to the king 
so they gathered the mightiest 
warriors across the land 
they promised them entrance 
in their eternal city 
in exchange that they turned back 
the vision of the... 

Army of the dead [4 times] 

[II) Promise Denied]

As the wizard summons ancient 
powers commanding thunders 
and lightning 
the swords of the warriors on the 
battleground are shining in 
the sun 
soon the battle rages on 
weapons are drawn in anger 
the warcries echo throughout 
the field 
the invaders meet their doom 

But the king and the seer betrayed 
the warriors 
and the armguard was hidden 
beyond the gates 
a cloud of arrows obscured the 
sun as they entered the city 
the promise of immortality has 
been denied 

[III) Prophecy Fullfilled]

Sun shines the morning brings 
new life 
a new day of hope and happiness 
yesterday is far away and years 
go by,fear goes away 
life goes on inside the city 
and peace will last for eternity 

But rising from the earth came the 
true vision 
the mad seer had seen so long ago 
prophecy fullfilled: 
The army of the dead 

[IV) Army Of The Dead]

Holy gift a ritual of seer 
hunting their prey,cruel in their 
desire for vengeance 
the dead warriors rise from 
their graves 
take what was promised then 
was denied: 
the gift of immortality 

[V) Doomed City]

and the sentence must be passed 
curse are your vicious lies 
in ashes the Eternal City 
must fall 
so let the truth be told 
the Ivory towers are 
crumbling down 
the Golden doors crushed to 
the ground 
once a great City of Immortal 
is now the city of the... 
Army of the dead [4 times]
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