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Dogwood - Stairway To Sin - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Dogwood - Stairway To Sin - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Stairway To Sin
		   Stairway To Sin
By Dogwood
Tabbed By Eric Exley

C-G#-D#-D-D#-D  (8X)

C            G#                D#         D                            C
It's just begun, the steps of sin, the decision making process gone
           G#                D#           D                             C
If I had known, what was to come, I'd be sure to turn my head and run
                                 G#                       D#
But that's too bad, it's in the past and I'm stuck right here
               D                        C
I've gone from A to C without a stop at B
                    G#                D#
And now I lost the will to do it by myself
Loving grace is what it takes to set me free
       All alone is how I feel
       God show me what is real
D#-D-C-A#                         G                  D#        D
       I choose to sacrifice myself, now I simply need Your help
C             G#                D#
I'm sick and tired, of feeling guilt
             D                               C
Why can't I just not sin and not end up in shame?
             G#                 D#
It sounds simple, but yet it's not
       D                               C
I got mad again and in vain used Your name
                           G#                        D#
I'm not as good as people say I think I sure fooled them
          D                                C
Oh how I wish that they could see into my soul
                G#                 D#
Now I lost the will to do it by myself
Loving grace is what it takes to make me whole
       Candy coating all my dreams
       Nothing is ever as it seems
D#-D-C-A#                         G                 D#        D
       I choose to sacrifice myself now I simply need Your help
C         G#              D#      D                                 C
I feel ready, to do Your will, I love to see my friends see You in me
          G#                 D#
I want to be, Your favorite son,
           D                                  C
But in the end I know You'll love us all the same
                                   G#              D#
Well that's all right because You gave me eternal life
           D                             C
And now I will tell every person that I can
                G#                      D#
Now I have the will to do it with Your help
         D                            D# D-C-A
Loving grace is how I  became a Christian     
Добавлено: 24.07.2013
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