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Dogwood - Pre-school Days - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Dogwood - Pre-school Days - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Pre-school Days
		   "Preschool Days"  By Dogwood
Tabbed By Eric Exley

Verse 1:
E*                          D#                               C#          
       E*                 D#-E*-D#-E*
All the things I've seen couldn't prepare me for what I was about to
                 D#                             C#                       
               E*                      D#-E*-D#-E*
As a little boy, growing up in a world, made for all the big kids and the
big toys...
          C#                                                      E*
Sometimes, I'd sit around and wait, play with my toy cars, until the
wheels would turn no more,
D#         E*    D#    E*                                            D#  
then I'd think to myself... is my dads car coming home or will this be
another night, my mom,
                         E*-D#-E*  D#-E*    C#
my brother and I, tucking ourselves in?

RIFF 1: play it during the chorus where it says (Riff 1)

C#                                            B                        
(Riff 1)           G#                              A
I learned my alphabet to spell dad, how quickly dad turned to sad, in my
preschool days, and the
 B                           (Riff 1)                        G#
rest of my life.  My mother did the best that she could, my brother
stayed as strong as he stood, a
father figure to me, my preschool days.

Verse 2:
E*                                              D#                       
I remember all the times mom cried, my brother stayed strong by her side,
and I would stand and
              E*                                       D#    E*     D# 
E*                                                       D#
wonder why there was three when there should be four.  Maybe my dad got
lost driving home
E*  D#-E*-D#-C#
and then again it wouldn't make sense, I feel alone.


RIFF 2:  play this during the break

G where has he been?  He's running out of time.  I haven't heard from
him.  I hope he's doing fine.  Money cannot buy years of missing them. 
Daddy gave it up, the kids forgave him.
Добавлено: 21.06.2013
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