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Dogwood - Just Because - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dogwood - Just Because - аккорды и текст, видео

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Just Because
		   Just Because
By Dogwood
Tabbed By Eric Exley

G               B                          E
I failed You before, but You gave me the chance
           C        B  A  G
To do it over and over again
           B                    E
How can I be, just like someone else
                 C       B  A   G(pm)
When You let me do whatever I please
               B                 E
Born free to choose, but not to lose
               C        B       A  G(pm)
What You gave me I gave up so freely
            B              E
Quarantine me from degradation
                     C          B
And help me stand strong in my faith
E            C               G
I'm a weak man I'll do it again
                 B                         E
Battle with my flesh, without You I can't win
                C                   G
Please control me.  Take me in Your arms
I need to be sheltered from harm
   C                         B     A             G
I failed before.  I'll fail You a million times more
                   B                      E
Don't show me the door, nurse me back to health
               C                G
I'm ailing and I need Your medicine
                  B                  E                     C
You're my doctor, my father and my friend, this is not the end
G(pm)    B                     E
A new beginning, a fresh new start
               C                          G(pm)
Lord I let You in and You filled my heart
             B                   E
I'm no superman, the "S" on my chest is for sin
     C              B
yet salvation cause I confessed
E           C                          G
How can I do, the things You want me to?
                 B                  E
When You are perfect, and I am not You
             C                      G                  B
Grant me wisdom to see what's important, I'm not confident
   C                         B     A             G
I failed before.  I'll fail You a million times more
                    F#              B
I fall down on my knees to take a stand
                A                        G
Lord I lift my hands to reach out to You
                       F#              B
Please grab ahold of me, never let me go
                A                 G-F#-B-A (2X)
Lord it's Your will I need to show
E             C                      G
Trust in the Lord, with all of your heart
Lean not on your own understanding
E            C                G                 B
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths
   C                       B    A      G
I failed before.  I won't fail You anymore     
Добавлено: 05.08.2013
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