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Dogwood - Jesus - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dogwood - Jesus - аккорды и текст, видео

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By Dogwood
Tabbed By Eric Exley

F-G-A                      F
    Jesus the man without sin
         C                        G
Sent to die for the wrongs of mankind
How sad His Father must have been
To send His one and only Son to die
C                       G
For the lives of you and I 
Now let me tell you why
Jesus Christ died for us
        C         G                                 A
A necessary sacrifice to save the world from being lost
               F                C
But He died so all of us could find
           G                   A
Salvation forgiveness through Him
             F                    G       F-G
The King of Kings and two petty thieves
A            F           G   F-G
Left to suffer on Calvary
A                 F                    G      F-G-A..G..F..G
Is this what it takes to make them believe?
A                 F
He rose in three days
             C                         G
The stone angelically moved from the grave
Much to the murderers surprise
The chains of death could not ensnare
  C                   F       G
This blameless man's perfect soul
A                    F
The Lord wished it known
He came with love from resurrection
Not with revenge but redemption
A            F               C                F        G       A
Indignation set aside from those who left Him on the cross to die
           F                           G     F-G
The chosen one.  His blood washed me clean
A                  F           G     F-G
To live is Christ, to die is gain
A           F                G    F-G
Perpetual love.  Perpatual life
F          E   F       G   F          E    F                 G
I fear no man, Impervious, I'm born again, I'll take up my cross
E*     D   C  B A                   F
That's the story of the man without sin
              C                  G
He has given me a seat at his throne
A sanctuary from my foes
He has shown me what is good and
C                  F
How to live day by day
      G               A
In a perfect sort of way
I can't repay
           C              G                          A
But I'll try to live for You it seems impossible to do
But I can do all things through You
         C                 F       G
G I'll rest easy in the knowledge of You

A-F-G-F(pm)-G(pm) til the end     
Добавлено: 25.11.2013
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