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Dogwood - In The Line Of Fire - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dogwood - In The Line Of Fire - аккорды и текст, видео

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In The Line Of Fire
		   In The Line Of Fire
By Dogwood
Tabbed By Eric Exley

Intro:  A..G..F..E-F-G  (2X)
then:   A-G-F-E-F-G   (4X)

Verse 1:
A         G             F    E-F-G-A
I didn't die a natural death
              G           F           E     F   G    A
My life was stolen from me before my first natural breath
       G            F    E-F-G-A
Casualty of circumstance
             G               F       E     F      G   A
Someone made a decision for me they never gave me a chance

G                                    A
Where's that first birthday I hoped for?
                 G   F    A
The candle I'd blow out
No one will ever hear me laugh
Or ever see me smile
I would've made my parents proud

Verse 2:
A                  G                      F      E-F-G-A
They weren't much more than children themselves
            G            F                G         F       G   A
I felt her honest reasons though she said it would further her health
           G               F   E-F-G-A
I'm on the inside looking out
                   G     F               E     F  G   A
Please don't just give up at least give me to someone else


A         F             G                C     B
Adoption, abortion, am I responsible for your action?
A                  F                G                 B
Life versus death, they made the choice, they let me go
A(pm)      F(pm)         G(pm)                 C       B
Disregard human value.  What if your parents did this to you?
A(pm)  F(pm)             G(pm)            B
Victim of circumstance, this is our last dance
A            G      F  E-F-G-A           G                F
Eleven weeks old today.       My mother made a pro-choice
           E        F    G  A
A purchase I would have to pay
               G          F    E-F-G-A
They found a price on my life
           G          F    E  F-G-A
Consider this my farewell my goodbye...

Добавлено: 07.09.2013
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