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Dog Named David - How Can I Believe - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dog Named David - How Can I Believe - аккорды и текст, видео

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How Can I Believe
Dog Named David
		   How Can I Believe (off the Awaking Vol. 2 or their own "World Traveler" CD)
by John Wallace ©1998 Dog Named David Music
Tab by Zack at OBU Go Bison!!! (

CAPO 1, One of the guitars is tuned down, but slap the capo on and play these 
chords and it plays just right with the song!

Intro:  Em  D  C  D

Verse 1

Em              D
Sunday morning waking, 
          C                   D                    Em
With the sunlight reaching through these panes of glass
D                 C                D
Like prisoners through these bars
Em                 D                  C              D            Em
Try to find some clothes to put on clean, and some shoes to cover up my feet
        D        C                 D     Em  D  C
(They're dirty from where they've taken me)


Em            D              C
How can I believe when all around me, 
       D             Em       D  C  D
All I see is hopelessness and lies
Em             D               C                 D
Can I reach beyond this dimly lit and dreaming twilight
      Em      D   C  D
To a deeper reality

Verse 2

Em        D          C          D  Em        D                 C D
Someday maybe I could build a ship,    It would take me out to sea
Em          D                C      D         Em        D         C D   
I'd be the captain and the stowaway, I would sail the ship on my knees

Verse 3

Em         D          C        D   Em    D               C D
If I could only listen close enough, Then maybe I could feel
Em        D         C       D    Em       D             C   D
A distant echo of a deeper love, Someone tell me that its real

Em           D     C D 
How can I believe (3X)

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Добавлено: 16.06.2013
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