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Dock Boggs - Lost Love Blues - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dock Boggs - Lost Love Blues - аккорды и текст, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Lost Love Blues
Dock Boggs
Info:  Play the song as a brisk waltz (fast 1,2,3).  Play the root note or bass note of each chord (first beat)
 then hit the highest 3 strings (beats two and three).  Once you have the rhythm and can play the first verse 
you are now able to play the entire song since the chord progression is the exact same all the way through!  

C                       C7
I lost you darling true love,
F                   C
And now I'm growing old;
C                        C7
My pockets are all empty,
G6      G7         C
Of both silver and gold.

C              C7
While my money lasted,
F                 C
You gave my heart ease;
C                        C7
But since I have nothing,
G6        G7      C
You court who you please.

C                     C7
I am heart broken and lonely,
F                    C
No one can take your place;
C                           C7
Everywhere I chance to look,
G6             G7      C
I can see your smiling face.
C                   C7   
Darling, Oh darling sweetheart,
F                    C
Your name I'll never tell;
C                                   C7
If you don't change your cruel ways,
G6         G7         C
My soul is doomed for hell.

C                    C7
Don't shed a tear my darling,
F                    C
As the daisy o'er me grows;
C                               C7
Just decorate my lonesome grave,
G6       G7             C
With the withered faded rose. 

C                  C7
If I had a pass to glory,
F                       C
And it did not read for two;
C                                   C7
I'd trade it off for your true love,
G6          G7         C
And stay on earth with you.

C                         C7
Your eyes they shine like diamonds,
F                        C
Your cheeks are like the rose;
C                               C7
The way I love you darling girl,
G6           G7     C
Great God in heaven knows.
C                        C7
Lost love, lost love, my darling,
F                    C
How can you treat me so;
C                            C7
To leave your own true lover,
G6         G7        C
And with a false one go.

C                        C7
Many times over you I've pondered,
F                         C
Happy hours with you I've spent;
C                             C7
You have won my heart forever,
G6         G7           C
While your own was only lent.

C                    C7
There'll come a time darling,
F                        C
In just a few short more days;
C                               C7
You'll hang your head in sorrow,
G6       G7          C
As I'm lowered in my grave.

C                   C7
Keep all the little tokens,
F                C
I have so fondly gave;
C                                C7
Just grant to me my last request,
G6        G7               C
Take them with you to your grave.
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