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The Do Good Assassins - Rome - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Do Good Assassins - Rome - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Do Good Assassins
Capo on 2, or if you don't want to capo, transpose it up by 2 semitones to D major and it's still very 

|Am   Em   |Am G C   |G   F G |C       |

         C                    F
Well I'm walking through the station
     Am      G         F
But I can't find your face
         C             F
Past the daughters of Sheba 
        F           G
And the puppets and parades 
       C               F
Under skies that have witnessed 
          Am     G        F
Countless conquerors and slaves
     C                 G               C 
Just another bloodless Monday morning in Rome

      C            F
Every bar's a benediction
      Am         G      F
Every hiss rings like a phone
      C           F
Every kiss a crucifixion
        F           G
Every street light chaperone
         C            F
And it's biblically raining 
       Am        G       F
Like a folk song on the stones 
        C                G                C
Singing all our thoughts these days lead to Rome

Am         Em
Vows of engagement
 F   C
Dreams and amazement
    Am          Em
The pigeons and pavement
   F              G
Is all you really mean
            C              F
Through the long nights of ruin
       Am       G        F
To the mornings made of gold
   C            G             C
We rise and we fall that way in Rome

      C              F
Every monolith that crumbles
       Am     G      F
Every empty glass of wine
      C                F
Every smirking Sistine cupid
      F             G
Every punctured valentine
      C                F
Is a living, breathing monument
       Am      G       F
To the days of our decline
 C                 G              C
Winter, Spring, and Summer fall in Rome

Am             Em
Hands in your pockets
     F     C
Like plugs in their sockets
Am           Em
Roses and rockets
     F                G
That world is dead and gone
   C              F
I hit the sack at 3am
     Am       G       F
When your key hit the door
C              G        C
Your sweet eye wanders, my heart roams

Am    Em               Am         G          F
I    don't know why we still call this place home
     C        G            C
When we rose our love fell in Rome
Добавлено: 02.01.2016
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