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Dj Quik - Tha Ho In You - текст песни, видео

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Dj Quik - Tha Ho In You - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
[Johnny Ray]

Ha ha ha.. Yeah!

Welcome to Club Hub City

I'm your host, Johnny Ray, what you say, what you say?

Yeah, all the ladies in the house tonight!

Alright, we got a dedication going out to all these hoes

With this big booty ha ha

[DJ Quik]

Now all you bad necks be tryin to give up the sex

Just because you see me in that 94 Lex

Actin like you all that but you knew me when you blew me

But I can play your game you little undercover groupie

I'ma cha cha with your ass while we sit for minute

Then wait for the indication that you'll let up in it

Then when we tongue kissin I'ma pullin it on out

So when you try to lick my belly I'ma put it in you mouth

You little freaky ass trick, lickin your own nipples

I hit you with this dick and have you walkin like a crippled

Pair of please dick, for fucin knee high dick, so give it a kiss

And sign your name on the waiting list

Then after that you can fuck my nigga Hi-C

Then mista K and mista D and then it's back on me

Cus this is the way that we play and you know

So be down for the get down and let us hit you little ho you

[Chorus: The Chocolate Lovelitez]

This is for the ho in you

In you.. the ho in you (the hoe baby)

This is for the ho in you

In you.. the ho in you (la da da)


I be the H to I to dash ya C

Aint no other nigga nasty as me

Now you can ask Quik or either AMG

Who be hookin up orgies constantly

So baby are you ready?

I lay on you belly

Peep out the puss, see if it's smelly

If not, stick my middle finger up in the coochie

Then take my tongue and lick ya down ya booty

And worried about the dookie cus you just took a shower

Workin your thang for a whole half hour

I'm not like you girls that spit it out and take it out

Girl, I aint mad you can do it in my mouth

Ya never been done this way

I took out my dick she called me Cunta Kintay

And after I drop my knot

I was off my balls and blow up the spot

[Chorus: The Chocolate Lovelitez]

This is for the ho in you

In you.. the ho in you (This is for, this is for the ho in you)

This is for the ho in you

In you.. the ho in you

[Gangsta D]

Bitch, come down and take a ride with me

And go on a journey with the Gangsta D

But I tell ya, I got the switches hot

Now here we go off to the spot

Glock, is under the seat, cus I aint givin a fuck

That's just another story

But what about these hoes with these big butts that be givin it up

Fuckin nigga after nigga all tossed up

So what the fuck am I suppose to do?

I don't bareback cus I don't wanna catch that flu

That ya can't shake, so bitch you can miss me

You better think again if you thinking you gon' kiss me

Cus I gives a fuck, I never did never will

You K tell him.. 


If pussy stank pussy kill

[Gangsta D]

So all you hoes, and you bitches and you trick tramp sluts

It's the dick eat up, now.. 

[Chorus: The Chocolate Lovelitez and Sexy Leroy]

This is for the ho in you [You girl]

In you.. the ho in you (This is for the ho in you)

This is for the ho in you [And you and you]

In you.. the ho in you [And you yeah, yeah](This if for thaaaa)

This is for the ho in you [Is strickly for the ho]

In you.. the ho in you [All you](This is for, this is for, this is for the ho)

This is for the ho in you

In you.. the ho in you [And you, and you, and you and you and you too]

[Sexy Leroy]

Wait a minute, ha!

We like to thank

Each and every one of you hoes for comin out to Club Hub City

I am Sexy Leroy, backed up by the fantabulous Chocolate Lovelitez

Give it up for The Chocolate Lovelitez

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Now I know some of you hoes are wonderin where we goin after the show, ha

You know where the limo is, baby, right outside

Yeah, and there's enough room for you, you, you, and you too

Aww sucky

Thank you, thank all you hoes for comin out

Well, I'd like to tell you hoes take it easy out there

And fellas if you hit somethin

Put a little somethin, somthin on

Cus everything will be right on right on

Aw hoes go home
Добавлено: 07.03.2012
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