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Dj Quik - Ladies & Thugs - текст песни, видео

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Dj Quik - Ladies & Thugs - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
(feat. Wyclef Jean)

[18 seconds of non-lyrics to open]

[Wyclef] Let's go Quik

[DJ Quik]

I wanna, punch them niggaz sayin gold don't rock

And I wanna, rape that bitch that told a lie on 'Pac

I wanna right some wrongs before I put my coast on lock

So when you see the glock bastard don't you go into shock

If the hood hates me I'll buy your enemies guns

and have 'em clappin on you shermheads, takin your funds

Scarin you motherfuckers to death, give you the runs

You better nice up, before you leak and warm the ice up

[Wyclef Jean]

I wanna murder the sniper that shot at Martin Luther King

Then get rid of the Viagra cause I'm strictly ginseng

Campaign in the hood if you want progress

Take all the gangs, put 'em up in Congress

Quik is so quick, listen to the ba-bum ba-bum

Brooklyn Zoo, California, with guns the size of

elephant trunk, trunk trunks, ladies shake your hump hump

Get your "Flashlight" cause we crunk like P-Funk

[Chorus: Wyclef]

Ladies - I know you feel me

If you up in the party let me see you shake your body

like you got no bones and you tipsy off the Henny

Thugs - easy with the slugs tonight

I'm tryin to meet my wife tonight, make love tonight

You don't wanna see yo' body on ice, right

[DJ Quik]

Now if I snapped, it was just a matter of time

before I turned into the Mad Hatter, splatter your bladder

On the morning after, you can't refute the disaster

Cause body parts get musty in plaster (ew)

Don't try to call a truce cause I'm still comin after you

I don't like your kids but I'ma spare 'em; maybe later

add 'em to my harem, and share 'em with the niggaz you like the least

That still got it out for yo' ass when you swiped the piece

[Wyclef Jean]

Yo, ever since "The Score" Quik these rappers just bored

So I ain't rap no more; I wrote songs for

Whitney Houston you could catch me with Santana

Bandana on tour, DipSet'n like Santana

We don't sell like we used to sell?

That's cause they live in America, we get worldwide sales

I'm on tour half of the year, you can't see me cuz

And your career gon' be as long as Britney's wedding was, ya heard?


[Wyclef - singing]

California, knows how to party

when I land in the L-A-X

Quik picked me up, four freaks in a stretch

Big California chronic, me nah smoke sess

But it's all buddha bless from the East and the West

Throw up yo' set, I don't say this often

But we gotta keep the peace, too many in a coffin

Pour some liquor for my cousins out in Compton

[DJ Quik]

I'm not a kingpin, I'm just a wing man

Strapped to the teeth with a blunt, and a green can

A-B-C-D-E-F no G

Hennessy and Olde E, we run so deep

86 your concubine, he's just an old creep

You're so weak nigga and your hoes is so cheap nigga

You can't even get a prop on your own street

I'm at the Lake Park and Meridian if you wanna speak

Добавлено: 07.03.2012
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