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Dj Quik - Birdz N tha Beez - текст песни, видео

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Dj Quik - Birdz N tha Beez - текст песни, видео

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[Verse 1: DJ Quik] 
I don't really give a fuck what you think 
I only really give a fuck what you drink 
I'm a bar-tender, car spender, a dick lender, cash spender, ass bender 
A ass spender 
Get it crackin like a bar throw in here 
A whorehouse, got these bitches walkin naked through out the whole house 
What the fuck U think my life is about? 
Bitches hatin 
What the fuck U think that butter knife was about? 
Bitches hatin 
Tell what the fuck this nigga's dick is about 
Do he just be talkin' shit? No I doubt 
He got years of clout 
Like reballin credit line on a Mastercard 
Drived it right between the pussy then I bash the broad 
Then I took it for a minute 
As I punch through my code 
Tehn I waited for the pearls come out 
Loan put on hold, Bankrupt, get ya stank stunk 
Frontin like Pooh bear, I opened up ya cock & hollered sayin 
“Who there?” (Nobody, what?) 
That's nice, little buggers done grew up the be the size of rice 
So I jumped back & grabbed for my coller 
Her pussy appreciated the pennies on the dollar 
Now what the fuck 
If U want the dick get the fuck up 
And stop actin like an old tampon, stuck up 
Give me somethin to get my step on 
Then trek on, what up 
I'll make you bust nuts till I nut up 

(Chorus 2X) 
The birdz and the beez 
All the forties 
Not with consume, drink up become roomed 
…The fuck up in the room with the door locked (Door locked!) 
Wake up, divorce the bitch, leave'er lookin' for some more cock (More cock!) 

[Verse 2: Hi-C] 
We ride, sweet cock, juicy boo 
Like Crips and Pirus, shit, we goin do 
I fell in the club and hit the dance floor 
Yo' boy got mad cause I dipped with his ho 
Baby had my tootise, returnin' slow 
She was sick got me lookin' for Pepto Bismol 
Chips stackin, jaws smackin, dolla droppa 
Dice shake ya money makin, dolla poppa 
Home wreckin, ho checkin, dick is slow 
Bring me back, cognac from the liquor store 
Bet cha didn't know that yo ho is a freak 
Every week she got something' up in the jaw meat 
And I ain't policy 
Spit it out 
U goin zip my zipper before we get it out 
They wanna be touched by the untouchable click 
Don't hate, participate, y'all sing that shit 


[Verse 3: AMG] 
When I bump on this trouble 
What I'm sipppin' on make it a double 
When I'm wit who, think I'd a hustle 
More money and muscle 
Shake the hooker like a trick up 
Leatehr'n'wood three up off to the good 
When I'm dippin I'm jacky 
When I'm a flippin I'm saggie 
When I'm high I'm a fly guy in the khakis 
Big dick of the day, better ran the man 
When I put in floss mode lookin' for hands 
U scrap gone bad 
Ho wishin ya had 
Knack it up in the pad 
Dick suck and I'm glad 
Neva knew what a ho was 
Checkin yo buzz 
While I'm sittin in a first class digit in the ass 
Nigga, you done lost ya playa pass (strip nigga) 
3 of 4 niggas been ran upon that ass 
Scratch up on the gas of the S5 double 
Like when I said when I bump on this trouble 
Can I … (oooooh) 

[Chorus Till Fade]
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