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Dj Lubel - Wrong Hole - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dj Lubel - Wrong Hole - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wrong Hole
Dj Lubel
From: Metalmarco
Subject: Wrong Hole - DJ Lubel
official site:

Chord progression goes like this throughout the entire song
Em C G D
at the end we go like Fm#-D-A-E

I [Em] took her on a [C] date, things [G] seemed so [D] bright
I [Em] knew i would not [C] need my [G] youporn [D] tonight

We [Em] go to her [C] place and we [G] fool [D] around
We [Em] throw all our [C]  clothes [G] ... to the [D] ground

[Em] We [C] begin as she [G] turns out the [D] lights
I [Em] start but feel [C] something so [G] extra [D] tight

I [Em] hear your [C] cry, i [G] see her [D] frown
I [Em] look at the [C] condom, it [G] is all [D] brown

[Em] Last Night. [C] oooo
I [G] stuck it in the wrong [D] hole

[Em] I'm so sorry, [C] oooo
from the [G] bottom of my [D] soul
....cause i stuck it in the wrong hole

[Em] Try some prepar[C]ation H it'll [G] make you feel [D] better
[Em] In my def[C]ense those holes are [G] so close tog[D]ether

[Em] Oh baby [C]baby don't [G]feel de[D]filed
it's a [Em] common acci[C]dent during [G] doggy [D]style

[Em] It was so [C] dark I couldn't [G] see so [D] good
I [Em] had no [C] idea where i [G] put my [D] wood

I [Em] want to make things [C] better want to [G] make things [D] alright
If you [Em] want you can put on a [C] strap on and give it back to [G] me all [D] night 
I'd rather if she didn't)



I [Em]  never ever want to [C] make you feel hurting
I [G] guess thats why God made that hole [D] not for inserting

[Em] Tell me how you feel, baby [C] please don't pause
Now I [G] know how they feel in that [D] HBO show OZ

[Em] Maybe take some advit, [C] your pain it will fix
From the [G] way you are walking, you can com[D]pete in the special olympics

[Em] If this was Alabama we would [C] be on trial,
Thats how my [D] mom took my temperature as a [D] child


I've [Em] got a con[C] festoon, and I [G] think you don't [D] mind
[Em] I kinda [C] liked when you [G] put it in my [D] behind

[Em] I don't know [C] baby, I'm no [G] Sodo[D]mite
[Em] Can't we just [C] try it [G] again to[D]night….?


[Fm#] Every night [D] oooo
I [A] stick it in the wrong [E] hole

[Fm#] It's so much fun, [D] oooo
and we [A] don't need no birth con[E]trol

When we stick it in the wrong hole.

I stuck in your ass.
Добавлено: 14.03.2012
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