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Dizzy Balloon - Young Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dizzy Balloon - Young Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Young Love
Dizzy Balloon
                             Young Love - DIZZY BALLOON
Tabbed by: Maxwell A.

Tuning: Standard 


CHORDS USED (in relation to capo)
D       xx0232
G       320033
Cadd9   x32033 
Dsus4   xx0233
Em7     022033
C       x32010
E       022100
Em      022000
B7      x21202



         G                  Cadd9
Do you believe that life is full of misery
G                 Cadd9
Nothing more than bits of history
Em7           Cadd9                                     D
Lonely people marching down the street 'till the day is done
          G                    Cadd9
Or do you think that you could live a fairy tale
G               Cadd9
Laugh at all of those who said you'd fail
Em7               Cadd9                                       D
Day by day you'll do the things you love things they'll never do


C              D                 G
Even when they tell us we're not old
What do they know in this cruel world
C             G                   D   Dsus4  D
Your the only one that matters to me
C              D                 G
Even when they tell us we're too young
What have we done to upset them
C                   D                     G
young love it looks like its just you and me


            G                  Cadd9
Now do they hold your hand and tell you that your wrong
G               Cadd9
Do they say you mind has wondered on
Em7              Cadd9                                D
Long enough it's time to move along time to quit your games
           G                 Cadd9
Or do they wish that you had been somebody else
G                     Cadd9
Played the cards that someone else had dealt
Em7                 Cadd9                           D
Spent your life off someone elses shelf waiting for today



    G        B7    Em                    C
But life's already hard why make it more difficult
    G    B7     Em                    C
And everybody's dying to know why you do what you do

VERSE 3 (play it twice)

           G                  Cadd9
Because it makes your life so unpredictable
G           Cadd9
everyday so irresistible
Em7                 Cadd9                                D
You don't care what other people say young love your the one


Young love
Young love
C                   D
Young love your the one
Young love
Young love
C                   D
Young love your the one

*VERSE 3 (x2)*


Im pretty sure it's at least 98% correct, But it sounds good. 
(Also you can play the verse chords over the outro/instrumental part.)
Добавлено: 08.07.2012
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