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Divorcee - Law Order - аккорды и текст, видео

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Divorcee - Law Order - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Law Order
Song is by Yoni Wolf of 'Why?' featuring  Anna Stewart, 
Together they form Divorcee.
Enjoy the song!

Verse 1:
  D                     A             Bm    A     
A man selling knives at three A.M on TV
         D                        A              Bm            A
With the sound off I re-read your mothers letter I can't sleep
  D                  A              Bm      A
I almost sent her my only picture unframed
   D           A                   Bm       A
Of you have five With your book on trains
        D                        A              Bm                       A                  F#5
But she told me not to write or call but she apologized when you put the TV through the wall
    D                             A               Bm                      A 
She thinks it was me that brought you to Berkeley, like you never touched whiskey before me

Chorus 1:
    F#5                     E5             B5       D5        
And living with you is like driving in the rain
  F#5                             E5                    B5      D5
I can't see where I'm going but i still don't press the brake

Verse 2:
     D                  A                       Bm                   A
What happened after the year that we got through maybe even with the belt that I bought you
  D                      A          Bm                     A
A woman is strapping her arm, after fighting she's finally calm
D                        A               Bm                  A 
  I can hear you say her name appeasingly, like you did with mine when you were teasing me
   D                          A                          Bm                      A
By midnight each night we had sunk to the floor on the deflating air mattress we blamed the cats for
         D                   A                             Bm                 A
When you looked at me as you stood in the door I rolled my eyes and turned on law and order

Chorus 2:
    F#5                       E5                  B5       D5    
And living with you and being blindfolded are the same
  F#5                              E5            B5       D5 
I can't see where I'm going and it makes my head ache

        D                A                Bm                A                                             
Now the TVs is replaying Annie Hall and I swear Woody Allen has your walk
  D                                    A           Bm                    A
I squint my eyes and see you with Annie arm and arm with the sound off I hear the alarm

Chorus 3:
    F#5                     E5                  B5       D5 
And living with you is like hair going down the drain
   F#5                       E5             B5       D5 
We lose and lose until we're drowning in a lake

Interlude: F#5, E5, B5, D5

  D                                                                                                    F#5
I drove out to see you in your best friends car Looking for your name we walked in circles for an hour
           D                            A
And in the end we chose a spot and took turns, I sat down
             Bm                              A
And told you something and picked the dried grass on the ground

Chorus 4:
    F#5                    E5             B5       D5 
And living with guilt is counting up your sins
      F#5                E5             B5       D5     
I can only look back and see where i've been
F#5                          E5              B5       D5                             
    But I couldn't stop what you did to your veins
F#5                       E5            D5
    And you wouldn't have allowed me anyway
Добавлено: 13.08.2015
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