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Divina Enema - Holy Forever - текст песни, видео

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Divina Enema - Holy Forever - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
With gesture I call you
O stranger unknown...

[The Grove:]
Ye nasty knight came wriggling down
among the tangled pillars
where's nothing to be done but hold your ground
thus hold on to your head!
Tell how ye move about
in spite of all the rules we've to attend to...
where the life does end?

For I was very anxious to be of use
they wept and prayed for miserable hand
'All of you may treat me as a friend
I said 
where the life does end'

that's my fault
for keeping my eyes open...
If I'd shut them tight up
It would not have happened
my friend...
where the life does end'

If I only knew 
I wouldn't have been penalised!

I had far better help you hadn't I?

You'd better keep an open eye!
As ours
sooth to say
were nowhere to be found
and now we've lost 'em 
we are blind!

They are gone! 
There is more evidence to come yet
...where the life does end!

So he went on with closed eyes
and half forgotten grove he'd seen...
though he knew he had but to open them again
and all would change to dull reality

[Both with Caym:]
If I only knew I wouldn't have been
so foolish penalised!

And now we've got indeed
immortal and uncanny sight!
Quite liquid one for sleepless kin
with their forever watchful eye!
Behold them folded roaring
swarming loudly in the dead of night!

Ye seem to be dead!
Ye have fed the vermin with
your foliage 
that's the reason why ye weep!
Ye shall reveal
your skin's all 'round the pew
ye asked much more than your god could endure

[The Grove:]
We all were the people 
now we are the pillars!
Watch as your almighty god does kill his children!
Watch the nonsense that
shall decimate his creatures!
Would you like to feel the charm of our adventures?

We all got in this trap 
we have gotten...
We were fools but we have forgotten
way we used to be 
seed we used to sow!
We all are the pillars and so is our lord!

Chase the castaway
who's been haunting the catafalque!
Since his death he screams
'take them away!
'Take away them all:
those bones from my poor corpse
I won't endure the dead inside the trunk of mine! '
Only daemons know
where those weeping pillars grow
They are standing like a wall...
having confirmed their own request 
they have embodied that chest
or any wooden thing we know!

I do not suppose there will be a tree left standing
for ever so far round
by the time they've finished such chat!

Deeply he sighed and drew his palm
looking more like branch
than anything else across his eyes
he wept already out!

There's hot blood dropping down
from the ancient vaults every now and then
and if something wasn't done about it
in less than no time 
there would be a pool full of blood
sacred one result of such obedience!

[Caacrinolaas speaking triumphantly:]
An unjust verdict will be worth while impunity!
You will hear the tangled sentence made anew
so sheer guile will reign again indignantly!

Only ye repine against your fate!

[The Grove:]
Our pain!

Won't we receive the Eucharist again!?

[The Grove:]
Ye ask in vain!

Ye seem to be dead 

[The Grove:]
Nobody knows

Ye seem to be deaf 

[The Grove:]
When we all arose

They seem to be sad 

[Caym to Peter:]
So we ask you not to be afraid!

As ye strive to forget in vain

Our stranger
we shouldn't have been blind 
ye should disdain us!
We seem to be deaf 
nobody mourns
we seem to be dead 
o'er our loss!
But all of us do mourn over our death!

Do not be so deaf
it must be divulged
do not be so dead
ye should not disdain
do not be so blind!
so now we know we cry in vain...

Now ye'll observe
the way our nameless master does
transform his wights from the people
to the grove or to the grass
We will reveal you that device 
do not be surprised enormously...

[The Grove:]
We've wept 
We've cried with million tears for years!
it seems to us
we'll never disappear

And so will your torture!

[The Grove:]
If not the water so what drops down
from our branches?
Would you like to feel the charm of our adventures?

Claim from shelves for your very own
that scenario of thine!
Now peruse carefully!
You think o'er your eternal lot
to be alive disappearing down the throat
of imps and evil demons
will make your feathers fly anon!

[Caacrinolaas in defiance of Caym:]
Note that darkness was almost complete
and you could see nothing much beyond your hands' stretch!
Note that 'twas getting deep dusk
when the eyes make things greater
than they should be!
Mind you!
By no means out of the fens
will come drifting a stench
not the sticky odour of decay
but a foul reek
as if filth unnameable were piled
and hoarded in the dark within...
All around you
deep within the gnarly grove
all around this halloo-holt...heavy
still and stagnant air
where any sound fell dead
where any tree fell dead!
Prick up your ears at this
'Unlike we are and yet also much akin'

In couples they've been waltzing
exhausting each other
In couples they'll circle till somebody's dead
Why won't sister murder 
for instance 
her brother?
Why won't she pursue him to bed or to death?

Subconsciously tomb does smile
through every mirror
Your face is to impact against wretched grimace!
You're terribly frightened all the time at the thought
that it might be hungry 
for you
in which case

That exquisite one would be very likely
to eat you up in spite of all your coaxing smiles!
And everyone will tell:
that's nothing to what I could say
if I chose... 
e'en if nobody dies!

So if you drink much
from the bottle marked "poison"
it is almost certain to disagree with you
sooner or later... 
but would it be any use now
to speak to the dead or to speak to the imp?

The beast has been buried and sealed for the ages
so that was a narrow escape...
for the dead
like you
(immense way you've been betrayed since forever) 

It's no use in crying like that!
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