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Distorted Penguins - Silly Stupid Freakin' Cupid - текст песни

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Distorted Penguins - Silly Stupid Freakin' Cupid - текст песни

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If I said I loved you would you still be here 
Or would you still be crying for the yesteryear 
Caught upon the melody of good old Johny Cash 
You got me feelin like I am living in the past 

I feel kinda silly 
I feel really silly 
'Cause you jerked me around like you wanna kill me 
I feel kinda stupid 
I feel really stupid 
Because I've been deceived be the man himself, Cupid 
Lookin for a time or a place to deface myself or you, what can I do 
Feelin in the dark for a switch or a bitch, what I cannot find, but 
which is which 
All in all it's none in none 
Going in the eye of everyone 
Peering through a glass of no rewards 
I am not sure, but on my Lord
Добавлено: 18.07.2012
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