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Dismember - Into The Temple Of Humiliation - текст песни, видео

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Dismember - Into The Temple Of Humiliation - текст песни, видео

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Long ago turned to dust The Human Ethics
Unanimous prayer nothing but a grain of sand in the desert
Salvation they seek will not come over
I'll be watching them from below clutching the blade in his hand

When the gods overthrown from the throne, and the prophets will fall dead
Long dead rulers expect the fire from above

Snakes from the forgotten depths
Draws whisper to a roar
Border paradise martyrs

Another flash of crimson
Towards already parted the sea
blood flows
On mosques and shrines like wine

Angel punishment
obscures the sky
Formed from the redemption
trading suicide

ghostly eyes
something dead
settles in

Uninvited into this tomb
Destined to be terrified of the creatures of the dark womb promised

Rough fear a sharp weapon of war
Fanatical frenzy wisely points out the path of purity
Supreme desire burned at the stake
Avenge something sacred instructs infinite hatred

The earth will be drinking their blood when I cut their throats
The temple humiliation righteous will expire
Добавлено: 10.09.2013
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