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Disciple - Why DonâЂ™t You Shut Up - текст песни

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Disciple - Why DonâЂ™t You Shut Up - текст песни

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Remain in me, donв't sever me
Donв't spit me out
Call on me and walk me to Your way
My lips arenв't sealed

Some will say this and then some will say that
I really donв't know just where you are at
If the truth be told, youв're just getting to old
Moving way too fast, and getting to cold

You say that I should just give up
You say why donв't you just shut up

Youв'll never shut me up
Forgive me if I should lose my way
Donв't cut me off
Cause I choose You in my life today
Even if they hate me
Добавлено: 30.05.2012
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