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Disciple - Once And For All - аккорды и текст, видео

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Disciple - Once And For All - аккорды и текст, видео

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Once And For All
Key of Eb

Verse 1:
      Cm-Eb     Bb              Fm
All alone in a place I can't remember
         Cm-Eb        Bb                 Fm
Lost control, forgot what I was chasing after
     Cm                 Eb           Bb            Fm
The lies I've tried to justify have kept me up at night
    Cm                  Eb           Bb
But I'm done trying to hide my life away from mercy's eyes

               Ab           Cm
Every little secret that I kept in
 Eb               Bb
Locked inside my heart
              Ab            Cm
Every single regret, every misstep
      Eb             Bb
That kept me in the dark
       Ab            Cm            Eb            Bb
Now I stand face to face with the light of your grace
         Ab                               Bb
And the weight of all my shame begins to fall
Once and for all

End:         Cm Eb Bb Fm              Cm Eb Bb Fm
Once and for all,        Once and for all
             Cm Eb Bb Fm Cm Eb Bb
Once and for all
             Ab Cm Eb Bb Ab Cm Bb
Once and for all

Verse 2:
          Cm-Eb     Bb               Fm
This is a war, I'm done with giving over
              Cm-Eb            Bb             Fm
The weight is more than I was ever meant to shoulder
Cm            Eb                 Bb
Only you can save this life, so I'll come clean tonight

          Ab                Eb
You made right what I made wrong
  Fm          Cm
(Once and for all)
           Ab           Eb
You put an end to who I was
  Fm          Cm
(Once and for all)
         Ab                 Eb
All the shame that's in my soul
Met your grace and is no more
Добавлено: 06.01.2014
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