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Dinosaur Jr - The Little Baby - текст песни, видео

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Dinosaur Jr - The Little Baby - текст песни, видео

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Hey uh (man)? 

Im feeling, head up town

Yeah you saw, uh, (some of the things/something to think) up town

I think ill, I think Ill hit town

You f---face,

Get out of my town

I dont (really want to know what the f--- you wanted)? ? 

(youve been, youve been a big f---head, you)? 

Go on, f--- you, buddy

Hey, is that where to go man

Whats going on tonight

You know, I think Ill split

Alright, catch you later

What (do I need to do)? ? 

(to get you out of my town, dont you get it)? ? 

You f---head, you

I want you to

Get out of my face

Go on you f---head, you

You goin up town man

Yeah, I think im, Im gonna head up there

So Ill catch you (later), in about an hour or something

Alright, see you later

You f---head

Get the f--- out of my town

Get out of my town

(I dont want to know what you want)? ? ? 

(I dont care if you dont like it)? ? ? 


Pffft, this is totally beat man, gotta get out of here

(heading/going) out of town

There aint nothin going on this time

(sigh), guess Ill run, blues.

*came from andrews page
Добавлено: 12.01.2014
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