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Diary Of Dreams - Dead Letter - текст песни, видео

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Diary Of Dreams - Dead Letter - текст песни, видео

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"I have no words that I could say to you to make you understand
Everything is lost
Everything is mine now
All the beauty, gone
- All the faith 

It's watching over you, my friend
And you, you fear nothing
More than

My eyes filled with water that no one can drink,
Dispair made of laughter on my knees I sink
I hold in my hands what my life has forsaken
I keep in my heart what's already been taken 

Beneath my subconscious a lake of my sorrows
I live for today and I fear my tomorrow
Blood flows down in rivers for 23 years
The wind in my face can't dry all my tears 

Come with me
You have nothing to lose
So calm down here
I'll sleep for a while 

Declare us the war, we have all been forgiven
Be thankful my friend, for all you've been given
Day in and day out they will feed you with poison
One day you wake up and give way to their thoughts 

This is the violence I brought here to you
This is the life that I sacrificed
This is the morning without a day after
This is the silence that never breaks through you 

"I know one thing for sure:
I have doubts about life,
But none about death. 

I have hopes about death
But none about life."
Добавлено: 20.08.2013
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