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Deus - Secret Hell - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Deus - Secret Hell - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Secret Hell
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 23:24:45 +0200
From: (Paul M.H. Korremans)
Subject: TAB secret hell by dEUS

this is only to use for privite study, whatever....DON'T break the law!

subject: secret hell
     by: dEUS
   from: the Worst Case Scenerio album

by mathias v.d. pool
this is my vision on the song and i hope you enjoy.
please send your comments to dbldutch@pop3.

                      SECRET HELL (written by Tom Barman)

first you hear some noise ( something like bending your e-string on 8)

the chords are: G  E  C  G



(same as intro)
yeah i know there's more than this
i buy your newspaper every sunday
at the there's a huge page of yellow sunny telegrams in it
we sing true like mice together
be my mice, be my mice
when i cross the farmer's house


G        E    G          E    E(high crd)        C
you know well just never tell if someone's got a secret hell

    G    E(high)                C
and you, you should be breaking me

G                   E(high)          C
sometimes i lose my head, i don't no nothing

G    E(high)                C
you, you should be breaking me

G                E(high)           C
you said you'll let me behind your back

G       E      G           E    E(high)              C
it goes around o come back down if someone's getting out of town

(repeat intro)


in this state a kind of late don't it only looks just great
you, you should be haunting me
so let's get twisted before i even touched him
you, you should be scaring me
so don't i only scare myself
so don't i only scare myself (repeat)

(repeat intro a several times and let it slowly fade away)

this was it! i hope you'll enjoy yourself
e-mail me for comments, for conversations, whatever.....
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