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Destiny's Child - Apple Pie A La Mode - текст песни, видео

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Destiny's Child - Apple Pie A La Mode - текст песни, видео

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Oh NO! but dont turn you head
Just slowly turn your head

He walks in the club with a look in his eyes
As he steps flock flocking fingers by his side
Lookin scrumptious even though he aint tryin
Finest thing that you ever did see
The sexy creation had his hat tilted to the side
Starin at me had my nostrils open wide
Can't even vocalize what i visualize
Had my body paralized as he smiled at me
I say "hey boy..would you enjoy sittin next to me in your corderoys?"
Im from texas my girl is from illinois
Where you from? can i come visit you sometimes??
My oh my you seem like husband material
???got any cheerios???
Are you very, casue your very very xtra ordinary kinda scary
How about your name added to my vocabulary?

Lullaby love where have you been all of my life
Chocolate covered strawberrys, apple pie a la mode

Tell me you dreams and aspirations
Whats your future plans whats your motivations?
Boy im loving how your so unpredictable
Boy i am feeling you
Guess i have to get with you
Am I your aim Your object as a step say a prayer your available?
So sensual
Lullaby Love heart breaker feel so special baby make it go


Its all in the way you look at me
Apple pie a la mode
Im sure ill enjoy your company
Apple pie a la mode
You turn me on with your modesty
Apple pie a la mode
You have sucha beautiful personality
Apple pie a la mode

(Repeat 3x)
Добавлено: 15.03.2012
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