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Desaparecidos - The Underground Man - аккорды и текст, видео

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Desaparecidos - The Underground Man - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Underground Man
Desaparecidos - The Underground Man (Payola, 2015 - Epitaph Records)

Listen to the record to get the rhythm, once you've got it, the rest is pretty straight-forward.

[Folks in the US, it might be time to free Private Manning]

G // Bm

G                       Bm                   G                          Bm
You were calling out from the underground - You had lots of big ideas but no one can hear them now
C                              Bm
They riddled you with guilt - They tempted you with wealth
C                                             D         Am
They twisted all your words - They made you hate yourself

G // Bm

G                            Bm                 
So now you do your schtick, a loyal patriot - 
G                       Bm
And you toe the party line even though it makes you sick
C                       Bm
They gave you talking points - They taught you double-speak
C                               D               Am
They forced you into war - By saying you were weak

G                       Bm  -  C  -  Bm  -  C
They signed your checks til they had you in the bag
They scared you blind then draped you in a flag         (Em)
D               C       B
Made you a man at Ft. Bragg

G // Bm

G                       Bm                
You'll do good business as an apologist - 
G                              Bm
If you exaggerate their facts, if you perpetuate their myths
C                              Bm
They made activism trite  - They made honor optional
C                                      D                Am
They made propaganda news  - They made science radical

G                       Bm  -  C  -  Bm  -  C
They pulled your teeth til you smiled and agreed
They slit you throat and buried you at sea              (Em)
D               C       B
All for the land of the free

G // Bm

Peace Out
Добавлено: 03.11.2015
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