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Derek Trucks Band - Id Rather Be Blind Cripple And Crazy - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Derek Trucks Band - Id Rather Be Blind Cripple And Crazy - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Id Rather Be Blind Cripple And Crazy
Derek Trucks Band
I'd Rather be Blind, Cripple and Crazy
The Derek Trucks Band

This is a great reworking of the old blues tune written by Hodges, Carter, Robey and 
originally by the great Buddy Guy. They mellow B part is transcribed for guitar (play it 
a slow groove over a double time beat) and the slide is in Bm pentatonic. --Mo Love

Intro and keyboard arranged for guitar
   B7     B7sus4  B7	 E        E6
   v  E  A   v    ^	  v  E  A   v    ^

INTRO:   | B7   B7sus4  B7   | E    E6    E  |  (repeat)

B7			            E
Just stepped out, over and over again
Standin' my pride, even though I know I can't win
I'm tired, of you messin' up my tide
You got yours, let me-let me have mine

	       B7		 E
I'd rather be blind, cripple and crazy
      B7              E
Somewhere pushin' up daisies
	Ab7		  E
Than to let you break my heart all over again

To break a man's heart, all you need is pain
You've got me so messed up, ‘bout to go insane
You break a man's heart, and don't say nothin' to him
I keep askin' myself, “Why you wanna do it? Why you wanna do it?”


Why you wanna do it baby?

	(SOLO – slide guitar over a verse and chorus in Bm pentatonic)

Добавлено: 24.03.2012
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