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Derek Johnson - Power In The Cross - аккорды и текст, видео

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Derek Johnson - Power In The Cross - аккорды и текст, видео

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Power In The Cross
Derek Johnson
Verse 1
[Gb]We all stand amazed. [B]In awe of amazing grace
[Abm7]The divide has been erased, we [B]thank You
[Gb]All sin is washed away. [B]You alone have saved the day.
[Abm7]We are forever changed, we [B]thank You

[Db]Let every heart, every [B7M  ]tongue
[Abm7]come sing of Your redemp[Ebm7]tion 

[Db]There's power in the [B]Cross
where You proved Your [Gb]love
The only sacri[Ebm7]fice strong enough to
[B]save us. You rose in victory to let the whole world [Gb]see
Love has made a [Abm7]way. Hope is never [B]lost
There's power in the [Gb]Cross

Verse 2
[Gb]No we are made alive, [B]in freedom like a fire
[Abm7]Burning with one desire we [B]thank You
[Gb]We will spend all our lives [B]filled with the hope of Christ
[Abm7]who paid the final price, we [B]thank You


Strong enough to [B]save us
strong enough to [Abm7]save us
strong enough to [Gb]save, strong enough to save | 2x|

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