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Depapepe - аккорды, тексты, табы, табулатуры, gtp

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Depapepe - аккорды, тексты, табы, табулатуры, gtp

Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Страна: Япония
Даты: 2002 - ...

Depapepe Japanese (デパペペ) Korean(데파 페페) is a music group originating from Japan. The acoustic guitar duo is composed of Takuya Miura (born 5 April 1983) and Yoshinari Tokuoka (born on 15 July 1977), who formed in 2002.

They made their major debut in 2005 with their album “Let’s Go!!!”, which generated sales figures of about 100,000 and ranked within the top 10 of Oricon’s Instrumental Artist Debut Chart. Before that, they had released three indie albums.

The name itself comes from the combination of both short names of the band members, by combining the Japanese word for overbite, ‘deppa’, and the name of Tokuoka’s previous band ‘DERUPEPE’. Contrary to a popular rumour circulating among their fans, the two guitarists are not brothers. In their 2002 formation the pair joined with the Sony Music. They worked on insert songs for anime television series Honey and Clover.

  • Miura
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Дискография [+]

Альбомы и синглы:

  • ACOUSTIC FRIENDS [05.02.2004, альбом]
  • Sky! Sky! Sky! [15.07.2004, альбом]
  • PASSION OF GRADATION [02.12.2004, альбом]
  • Let's Go!!! [18.05.2005, альбом]
  • SUMMER PARADE [20.07.2005, сингл]
  • Hi! Mode!! [19.10.2005, альбом]
  • Trace - WINTER VERSION'05/Swingin' Happy X'mas [30.11.2005, сингл]
  • ラハイナ [15.03.2006, сингл]
  • Ciao! Bravo!! [19.04.2006, альбом]
  • Night & Day [11.10.2006, сингл]
  • 桜風 [21.02.2007, сингл]
  • デパクラ~DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS~ [28.11.2007, альбом]
  • HOP! SKIP! JUMP! [02.04.2008, альбом]
  • KATANA [22.04.2009, сингл]
  • Do! [03.06.2009, альбом]
  • デパクラ2~DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS [02.12.2009, альбом]
  • ONE [18.05.2011, альбом]
  • Acoustic & Dining [03.10.2012, альбом]
  • Kiss [27.08.2014, альбом]


  • BEGINNING OF THE ROAD ~collection of early songs~ [25.04.2007, сборник]
  • デパナツ~drive!drive!!drive!!!~ [30.07.2008, сборник]
  • デパフユ~晴れ 時どき 雪~ [26.11.2008, сборник]
  • デパペペ - DEPAKURA 2 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS〜 [02.12.2009, прочее]
Название Материалы
A Clockwork Carnival
A Passion Melancholic
Acoustic Dining
After Raining
Air On G String
Aishu No Violet
Bach Invention No4 In D
Bachs Air On A G String
Bravo March
Dolphin Dance
Gymnopedie No1
Hachi Roku
Hakushaku No Koi
Half Moon
Happy Shine
Hare Tokidoki Yuki
Hi D

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