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Delirious - You Split The Earth - аккорды и текст, видео

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Delirious - You Split The Earth - аккорды и текст, видео

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You Split The Earth
		   You Split The Earth
Cutting Edge
Written by Martin Smith
Transcribed by Joel Elliott (

Capo on 3rd Fret

Chords(relative to capo):

E(no3)  079900
C#m7  x46600
B7sus/F#  204400
A/F#  202200
Bsus  x24400
A  x02200
D  xx0232

E(no3)                    C#m7       B7sus/F#                   A/F#  Bsus
  You Split the earth with rivers,   you split my heart in two
E(no3)                   C#m7           B7sus/F#                  A/F#    

   You let the eagle rise with the angel,   you are the air I breathe
Bsus    C#m7             Bsus    A    A/F#
And I love   to be   found   in  you
         C#m7              Bsus   A
And I love   to be found in you

You raised the mountain with a whisper, you whisper truth to me
You filled the ocean with tears for the broken, you came and filled me too
And I love to be friends with you (x2)

E(no3)              A              A/F#       E(no3)
Whenever you call I will be there for you
                       A             A/F#
Whatever you say I will do anything
E(no3)                                                D
You came as a thief, you've stolen my fear
You've captured my heart again
E(no3)                                                         A
You've asked me to run, so I'll run with you
             B7sus/F#      Bsus
I will do anything you want me to

You scorched the earth with fire in your eyes, one look has burned  my soul
You let the fields dance with the wind, will you dance with me
And I long to be one with you (x2)

That's it.  That's my last song I will be transcribing for now.  I hope you
enjoy them.
The only songs from the Cutting Edge album I didn't cover
were ones already posted.
If they don't seem correct enough then I can mail you them, but
I'm sure they will be.   God Bless!     -Joel
Добавлено: 15.06.2013
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