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Delirious - The Crucible For Silver - аккорды и текст, видео

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Delirious - The Crucible For Silver - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Crucible For Silver
Album: Cutting Edge
"The Crucible for Silver"  
Copyright 1997 Furious? Records

This is an awesome song!  

Start out with chorus:  G  C  Am  D D

*Verse 1*

G                               G
The Crucible for Silver and the Furnace for Gold
        G              C/C  G/B     Am 
But the Lord tests the Heart of This Child
Standing in all Purity
God of Passion is for holiness
G              C              Am    C-C
Lead us to the secret place of praise

G      C
Jesus, Holy One
    Am                   D
You are my heart's desire
G                 C
King of Kings, my ev'rything
       Am                D
You've set this heart on fire  (repeat)

*Verse 2*
Father take our offering
With our song we humbly praise you
         G                 C   G/B    Am
You have brought your holy fire to our lips
Standing in all purity 
Your gift to us this holiness
G              C                 Am
Lead us to the place where we can sing

*Go back and repeat chorus a few times*     
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