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Delirious - Oh Lead Me - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Delirious - Oh Lead Me - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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Oh Lead Me
		   Oh Lead Me
Cutting Edge and Live & In The Can
Written by Martin Smith
tabbed partially by Daniel Chilton **

Tuning:  Dropped D   (DADGBE)

INTRO D-A (x2)

   D      #1-A        G/B                    D     #2
Oh Lead Me,      to the place where I can find    you
   A      #3-G/B        D                 A
Oh Lead me,       to the place where you'll be

D                A                       D
   Lead me to the cross where we first met
              A                   D
Draw me to my knees so we can talk
Let me feel your breath
                   Bm(add11) Bm(add11)/A  Em7     #4
Let me know you're here      with         me

Repeats and ends on D

Chords: D  000230
A  x02200
G/B  020033
Bm(add11)  x24430
Bm(add11)/A  x04430
Em7  0220030

       ------------------                     ----------------
Run #1 |G-|-----2-2h4-2-|              Run #2 |D-|-2/4-2-2-0-|
       |D-|-2/4---------|                     ----------------

       ----------------                       ----------------------
Run #3 |D-|-2/4-2-0---|                Run #4 |D-|-2/4-2-0-------0-|
       |A-|---------2-|                       |A-|---------2-0h2---|
       ----------------                       ----------------------

You'll note that I made some changes to the positioning of the chords. I think
they fit over the corresponding words now, which should be a help. I also went
ahead and tabbed out the little Runs that their guitar player does. I listened
to them over and over and am pretty sure they're right. If they're not, just let
me know and I'll try to fix them. Make sure you listen to the CD to match the
speed and rhythm, especially on Run #4, he goes faster than on the other runs.
I'm going on the other guy's posting of the chords, so I think they're all
right, except what used to be G/D I changed to G/B Anything else, let me know.

Добавлено: 24.08.2013
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