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Del Shannon - I Wont Be There - аккорды и текст, видео

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Del Shannon - I Wont Be There - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Wont Be There
Del Shannon
I Won't Be There:Del Shannon.
#113 on BB Hot 100 (Bubbling Under) on
BIG TOP Records in 1962.


Eb           Cm       Ab                Bb
You treat me mean and cruel, I'm such a fool 
for you.
    Gm7        Cm           Ab
You say you're gonna leave, darling, please 
      Bb           Ab
don't set me free.

G                    Am   E  Am       D
Maybe someday you'll want me and when you really 
     C   G            Em       G        Am
want me, you'll turn around, I won't be there.
G          F   A      D        C    Cm        C
I know the boy you're dreaming of just 
      G          E      G    Bm        Am 
don't quite seem right, that he's your guy.

D   G          Em  G        Bm    Am Em       D
Oh, why, don't you think it over, be-fore you say 
     C     G      Em G    C              A D
it's over..forget he ever held you tight.
G         Dm                  C             Cm
He's only going to break your heart in two..oh, 
        G        Bm                   G
it just can't be true, that he's your guy.

C                           B       G
You left me once before, to go with him.
E                 Gb               Em7  G    Db
Then he left you, you came back to me, again.

Gbm   Ebm     Gb          Ab  Abm7     Db
Maybe someday you'll miss me, and when you really 
Bbm  Gbm Gb           Eb       Gb       B    Eb Db
miss me, you'll turn around, I won't be there.
Gb             E    Db         B            Gbm
You'll love me for awhile then set me free..what 
B     Gb     Db              Gb
is my destin-y, if he's your guy?

Db           Gb   Db           Gb      
If he's your guy..if he's your guy..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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