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Declan Hunt - Cathal Brugha - аккорды и текст, видео

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Declan Hunt - Cathal Brugha - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cathal Brugha
Declan Hunt
Songwriter unknown
Declan Hunt's recording is the only version I've come across.
From the triple album, Songs of Ireland's 1916 Rising (tape(disc) 2 song 10)
I'd expect Declan may have also released this, but Ive not come across any of his albums.

Standard Tuning
time signature 4/4
tempo: (havent checked) the metronome and me dont get on that well... may fill in later

Chords and picking pattern (my own, not an attempt to cover Declan)

Chord tab / name / string numbers to pick
320033    /  G   / 64312353
xx0232    /  D   / 43212343
xx0212    /  D7  / 43212343

If you are unfamiliar with the name Cathal Brugha (phonetic Cahal Brua) 
some pronounce the A in Cathal as in cAt some as in fAll... i go with the latter
Poetic licence is used with Brugha in the song, shortened to Brugh (phonetic Bru)

whole song is
D D D7 G G
twice per verse
i put in the last bar on both lines to give space between sentences, you may want to try it without

       G                  G            G                 D       
in the streets of Dub-lin city, Ear-ly rose the mor-ning sun     
D          D                D                  D7              G      G
   Stood a gall-ant band of soldiers, Each man prou-dly held a gun     
         G                     G                 G                     D
Till the last they fought them bravely, standing staunch and fight-ing true   
D           D                   D                 D7                 G      G
   In their midst there stood a leader, Ire-lands daunt-less Cath-al Brugh      

         G                G               G                   D           
A-nother faith-ful son of Ireland, By the traitors hands shot down
D          D                  D                  D7                G      G
    One of Ire-lands best and bravest, In heaven wears the martyrs crown 
        G                   G               G                D        
Till he died he fought them bravely, To the old cause he was true     
D           D                D                  D7                 G      G
   Dash-ing forth he fell in action, Ire- lands daunt-less Cath-al Brugh     

          G                G                        G                  D   
When they batter-ed on the four courts,  With their borrow-ed Brit-ish guns
D             D             D                  D7                G      G 
    Trait-ors in the pay of England, Shot down Irelands faithful sons    
          G              G                  G               D    
when they called on them surr-ender, We are many you're but few     
D              D                 D                 D7                G      G
    We'll have death be-fore dis-honour, Proud-ly  an-swered Cath-al Brugh      

       G                  G               G                  D  
Cathal Brugh you'll be re-membered In our Ir-ish hearts with pride    
D           D                   D                  D7                G      G 
    For the blood you shared in Dublin, Ire-lands cause you sanc-tif-ied  
          G               G                G            D     
When they laid him low in agony, 'neath an Irish sky of blue,   
D             D              D                 D7               G      G  
    Tell them all I died for Ireland, Soft- ly murmured Cath-al Brugh      
Добавлено: 09.08.2015
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