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Deburgh Chris - Shine On - аккорды и текст, видео

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Deburgh Chris - Shine On - аккорды и текст, видео

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Shine On
Deburgh Chris
Shine On                                           
>From Power of Ten 1992
by Chris DeBurgh                   
transcribed by Gunter Kohl

If the transcription contains mistakes, if you think one chord should be
replaced by another one, please mail to me or send corrected file to 

Playing Time: 3:56     

  F       C   Bb                   F
    Shine on, ...
  Bb               F       g                  C
  Live for every moment, before ...
  F       C   Bb                F
    shine on, you ...
  Bb             F         g              C                F
  Way across the universe, Burning ...

  F                        a                                      
1) I was looking at ...
2) There are those ...

   F7/Eb                             g
1) Taken in a garden ...
2) The space between a ....

                    Bbm            F             a                    d
1) And out on the lawn,  There were  ...
2) When they are young,  We must   say all ...

                    g     F            C
1) All of them     ...
2) Before they are ...

  F                             a
1) And there were people ...
2) And I was looking ...

   F7/Eb                                      g
1) Standing in the same place ...,
2) Taken from a window  ...

1) Nothing  has  changed ...
2) And we've got to ...

  F             a              C/D    d                    g  F         C
1) That time is moving like a  ....
2) leave here a garden for our ....

   Bb      C  Bb     C
1) Ah-------  Ooh----    We
2) Ah-------  Ooh----    We

1) Ref as above!
2) Ref as above, fade out and sing those words inbetween:
     (A very good, detailed Chris de Burgh discography :-)
     (The OFFICIAL Chris de Burgh Page)
Добавлено: 29.06.2013
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