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Deburgh Chris - Discovery - аккорды и текст, видео

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Deburgh Chris - Discovery - аккорды и текст, видео

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Deburgh Chris
>From At The End Of A Perfect Day     
by Chris DeBurgh                   

Year Released: 1977

Another version of Discovery exists on "Beautiful Dreams" I don't know, if
it uses the same chords and the same key...

Playing Time: 3:21

Transcription: Gunter Kohl,     

     F                               Bb              F
Lady love, go back to sleep, Dry ...
      d                a              C
But I cannot stay with thee ...
        Bb                       d                   a
For the dawn is breaking, And ...
           Bb              F                 Bb           C
And I must go, But I'll be back, ...

      F                              Bb         F
G we sailed across the sea, ...,
           d                 a                  C
'Round the Cape of Storms We set ...
             Bb                      d        
And when the sea was roaring ....
   a                Bb            F               Bb               C
To help my drowning men,I saw the light, ....

    F                  Bb          F                  Bb
And I have brought you silver, ...
    F                Bb           d C
And spices from the ...
           F              Bb             F                Bb
I've seen ships on the horizon, That ....
    F                 Bb
But now I know ....
              d C          Bb        C         F
The world is round, I have seen, ....
    F            Bb     F                  Bb
One day says Galileo, A man ....
    F                Bb                d C
And see the world ...
    F                Bb           F                 Bb 
And gazing down from yonder, On a ....
      F                Bb
He'll say with ...
       d C           Bb      C         F
I have seen, I have seen, My ....

I have seen, My ...


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