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Deborah Cox - I Never Knew - текст песни, видео

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Deborah Cox - I Never Knew - текст песни, видео

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Oh yeah
Oooh...mmmmm (sigh)

It was a cold day in december
I remember it so well
You captured my heart being
And you left me in its path
You want my heart with passion
Desiring all of you
You left me cold in the summer
I wish that i only knew but

I never knew that you would be the one
To come along and snatch my heart and run
Away from me with no explanation why
I never knew what would had would die
All i wanna do is hideaway
All i heard is pain of yesterday
Dont you see the tears of hurt inside?
I never knew, please tell me why?

All the nights you left me crying
Keeping company with my fears
That some day you'd leave me lonely
And thats exactly what you did
I swore that i was your baby
The darkest night for you i'd bear
Now that i need you here with me
I call your name but you're not there

You left me standing so empty handed
Out in the cold how was i to know
That my love didn't matter
And my world was shattered
Cause you left me here drowning in tears
Oh i...


After we made plans to spend our lives together
I thought what we had was meant to be forever
Oh why did our love have to go away?
I don't know how i dont know when...
But i know i'll never love this way again

(chorus with ad-libs
Until end of song)

Can't you see what you've done to me?
Snatched my heart and left me lonely
Why, oh why? tell me why! whooaaa
Добавлено: 29.06.2012
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