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Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat - аккорды и текст, видео

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Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы музыки: Debbie Gibson
Авторы текста: Debbie Gibson
Foolish Beat
Debbie Gibson
Song:   Foolish Beat
Artist: Debbie Gibson
Tabbed by: Jaypee Resada

        I just want to share the chords of this song...wla kasi talaga ako may nakita na
nag tab ng chords kantang ito.
I thought it could help a little for those who are searching for this song...hope you
like it guys

Intro:  (Piano Part) A#m Ab Gb Db/F

                D#m Db Ab F
                .....oh oh...

        (Sax Part) A#m Ab Gb Ab(2x)

Verse 1:

There was a time when

Broken hearts and broken dreams

D#m     Ab F
Were over.

There was a place where

All you could do was

D#m             Fsus    F
Wish on a four leaf clover.

But now is a new time

There is a new place

D#m                     Fsus    F
Where dreams just can't come true.

Gb                      F
It started the day when I left you


A#m                Ab                      Gb    Ab
I could never love again the way that I loved you

A#m                Ab                     Gb
I could never cry again like I did when I left you

    Ab                  A#m
And when we said goodbye,

Oh the look in your eyes

                  Ab                        F
Just left me beside myself without your heart
(without your heart)

Gb           Ab    D#m   Db/F            Gb   Ab
I could never love again now that we're apart

Verse 2:

When I was sorry

Gb                Ebm
It was too late to turn around (turn around)

And tell you so.

There was no reason

There was no reason

Ebm                     Fsus F
Just a foolish beat of my heart.

        (Repeat Refrain)


Oh, can't you see I'm not fooling nobody

Don't you see the tears are falling down my face?

Ab                 F
Since you went away

Break my heart, you slipped away

Didn't know I was wrong

Ab                                 F
Never meant to hurt you now you're gone

Sax Solo: A#m Ab Gb Ab (2x)
          A#m Gb Ab Fsus,F


Gb           Ab    Ebm  Db/F            Gb   Ab
I could never love again now that we're apart.

Bbm Ab D#m C#/F
(now that we're apart)

Gb           Ab    D#m   Db/F           Gb    Ab   Bb
I could never love again now that we're apart.
Добавлено: 08.05.2014
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