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Deathchain - Lepra Lord - текст песни, видео

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Deathchain - Lepra Lord - текст песни, видео

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[music & lyrics: Corpse]

He was trapped to beyond, in the times of grace

When the holy men sealed his grave

But he did not die, the spirit lived on

And the evil would someday reborn

Now the Lord has returned, the crypt lies hollow

And his coffin had broken to dust

Lord of the sick - this rider dressed in death

And he's riding on a nine horned goat

"Leave the ill outside your door, and I shall wake them up decade of decayed has began!"

Lepra Lord - Lord of the sick

Lepra Lord - Spawn of the beast

Lord of the sick - the mouth of the Devil

Is gathering the sick one by one

"Leper, famine, fever and the Black Death

Arise and follow me home!"

Now their march has began, towards the depths of deep

And the Lord shall return to his throne

The throne made of bones bears the sign of the beast

The sign of the immortal king

"Doctrine of the rotten, is not ment for living to see so look away, or your eyes will bleed!"

[solo: Turbo J-V]

Lepra Lord - Lord of the sick

Lepra Lord - Spawn of the beast

Lepra Lord... Spawn of the beast... Lord of the Sick

Travelling the paths, to the darkest deep

Into blackened void, beyond the molten sands

[Solo: Turbo J-V]

Lord of the Sick...

The sick chants a spell, as they march on and on

The hymn of the dead, unholy eerie song

Sky cries thunder, as the gates are closed

And the lord has returned to his home

Someday he'll return, with the sick by his side

And the heaven's shall weep again

Lepra Lord - Lord of the sick

Lepra Lord - Spawn of the beast
Добавлено: 14.06.2012
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