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Dean Brody - Canadian Girls - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dean Brody - Canadian Girls - аккорды и текст, видео

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Canadian Girls
Dean Brody
Capo on 5


She grew up watching hockey
         G                 D
With her daddy on Saturday nights
He taught her how to tie her skates
A                              D
Her brothers taught her how to fight
She can wear high heels and flannel
             G              D
She can look sexy in a toque
She likes snow storms and Gordon Lightfoot
                    A              D
And if you're lucky she'll love you


D         Bm              G     D
Canadian girls, Canadian girls
D                                              A
Irresistible, lovable trouble though sometimes girls
A                      D
We can travel the world
G                             D
From New York to Paris, France
D                             A
But we're always gonna come back
A         D
Canadian girls

Verse 2

Baby she likes to snowboard
Spends her summers out on a boat
Thinks a perfect night out is a cabin
Smell of coffee on a old wood stove
She won't admit she watched Degrassi
She's proud and sometimes quiet
True north national treasure
She'd give her life for the red and white


Verse 3

Well us boys we like our fishing
Hockey and Ron McLean
We like Moosehead Beer and white tail deer
Stomping Tom and the UFC
And we like our foreign ladies
Their accents are really nice
But their nothing like our northern girls
To keep us warm at night


G                                    A
From the mountains to the ocean sands
G                            A
Tuktoyaktuk to Newfoundland
G                          A
Yea you keep us coming back
Canadian girls
Добавлено: 22.09.2013
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