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Dead Moon - Revange - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dead Moon - Revange - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dead Moon
Revenge (Fred Cole)

Em F Em  (4x)

Em                         D
Bad blood stirring in the boiling pot
finger on the trigger of a gun
an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
        Em        D     Em
It's an old web being spun

 C                      D
born from the seeds of anger and hatred
Em             D         C
do it to them like they do
      Em                   D                    
it's only revenge and the worst of it all
    Em        D       Em
it all comes back to you                     

      Em F Em (2x)

Envy treads at the breaking edge
wheredogs begin to wail
sarrow imprisoned the widows eyes
like arrows too, they fell

trying to balance the scales of injustice
do it to them like they do
it's only revenge and the worst of it all
it all comes back to you


D|---2-- 2---2-----2-- 2---2-----2/5--5/7----2--
A|---2---2---2-----2-- 2---2-----2/5--5/7----2--
     Em  F   Em    Em  F   Em    F G  G Am   Em         (4x)

the hounds pursue the weary step
as silver etched the sent
chasing down the passions of mans convictions
escaping time he'd never spent

half starved and running
he'll pay for his blindness
racing the bullets of hate

thirteen steps an a dead mans walk
it's always been this way
it all comes back to you   (4x)

    Em   F    C    D

Dead Moon: 
Fred Cole-  Guitar, Vocals 
Toody Cole-  Bass, Vocals  
Andrew Loomis- Drums 

"Revenge" on "Defiance" LP (Tombstone Records, T-35, 1990)

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