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Dead Moon - Not The Only One - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dead Moon - Not The Only One - аккорды и текст, видео

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Not The Only One
Dead Moon
Not The Only One  (Fred Cole) 

-LIVEEVIL version-

Tabbed by Deadmoony

G|--2-2-2-3-2---|  (1x)

G|--2-2-2-3-2---2-2-2-2-2-|    (3x)
    D           A

D                    A  D                   A
I'm not the only one,   the only lonely one
You know who you are,   afraid to lose your hearts
Em             C            G           D
You sit in the corners of a world gone square
You can see them but to them you'r not there
Did you ever wonder why you're stranger than - close?

INTRO (2x)

D                   A             D              A
I'm not the only one       who's tired of the gun
There must be something more than marching off to war
Em                C               G      D  
Bleeding in the trenches 'neath a 90 lb pack
18 years old and never coming back
How can their dying ever make us feel - free? 
Yeah yeah yeah yeah!

INTRO (2x) 

SOLO:  Em C G D (4x)

D                   A  D                   A
I'm not the only one   trying to get ahead
Working everyday       harder than I'm paid
Em              C        G          D
Going through changes - working my job
Thinking things be better if I get on top
With everybody yelling "Hey, what about - me?"
Em                    D
Yeah yeah yeah yeah!

Dead Moon: 
Fred Cole-  Guitar, Vocals 
Toody Cole-  Bass, Vocals  
Andrew Loomis- Drums 

"Not The Only One" on "Defiance"  (Tombstone T-35, 1990, Mississippi MR-091, MLADYS16) 
and LIVEEVIL (Music Maniac 1991)
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