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Dead Cat Bounce - Rugby - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dead Cat Bounce - Rugby - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dead Cat Bounce
Dead Cat Bounce

1                   A
                E E E7M  

1 2 3 4

I know you're angry and you're feeling ashamed
I'm kinda feeling the same
but we could hide our love if we pretend it's a game
and give it a secret name
              A      B
let's call it rugby
              E    E/D#
let's call it ruuuugby
      C#m             B
and I bet that pretty soon all
      Abm            A
The showers could be communal  (yeah)
  (A)                     B
and noone would suspect a thing
                 C#m         B
and when people ask what are 15 guys
      Abm                          A
doing sticking their heads between each others thighs
                                           B   (Badd9 B)
 we'll just tell them that we're practicing

we'll have a special language and a secret code
that nobody knows what the are
and we'll do clever things with existing words
like replacing an f with and r
                   A      B
so we'll say we're rucking when really we're f---
C#m                             B
Fooling the world that there's nothing sexual
     Abm                 A
in a ball shaped liked a giant tescicle
    (A)                                 B
being grabbed at by enormous men (in shorts)
      C#m              B
while drunk spectators in the stands
         Abm                 A
call for bigger tackles and softer hands
    (A)                             B    (Badd9  B)
just wishing that it could be them


E  E/D#  B                               A        Abm       Ei
playing rugby (crouch touch engage)  I'm tackling Johnson in knee high socks)
C#m Abm A                                E       E       E7M  *
playing rugby (crouch touch engage)  I'm finding touch a bit too much
E  E/D#  B                               A       Abm       Ei
playing rugby (crouch touch engage) I'm in the mud with 15 studs
C#m Abm A
I'm playing rugby

           B             E5
and if you don't you're gay

E's used
E    x76454    (could use x7999x)
E/D# x66454    (and x6999x      )
Ei   022100
E E E7M  * as per riff 4
E5   022xxx
MDMA (just a joke)
Добавлено: 12.06.2012
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